Jenny has had some amazing results with her hypnotherapy clients. The combination of her willingness to really take the time to understand what’s going on for you and the extensive training she received in a variety of techniques and protocols really make her unique in her field. Click here for more information on the types of techniques and protocols Jenny uses or go straight to booking a session with her by clicking here.

Essential Oil Seminars

Click here to learn more about the essential oils Jenny recommends. She enjoys teaching people who are new to oils the basics of how they can be used and also has some custom presentations on Natural Weight Management, Stress Management and Pain Management that incorporate use of the oils.

Connection Practice

Jenny is also certified to train and coach clients and businesses in using the Connection Practice, which is a skill set that unites your empathy and insight for accelerated personal and professional growth. Increased empathy is achieved by getting more aware of and in touch with the feelings and needs behind an issue (both your own and those of others involved). That helps take the emotional charge off of the situation so you can think more clearly. Insights are received by achieving heart-brain coherence (defined as the alignment of your heart, mind and emotions with a feeling of appreciation) in order to make better decisions so that we can respond to situations in a more peaceful, productive way. Click here for more information about the Connection Practice and why it works.

The Connection Practice techniques incorporate findings from the Institute of Heart Math and Center for Nonviolent Communication. Each of those organizations have a rich amount of research on the power of the heart and peaceful communication using a variety of refined techniques. For more details on the Connection Practice (also called Be Peace), you can check out

Check the Calendar for upcoming training details, courses will be added as they are scheduled… or if you would like to schedule a special course to be taught in your organization, contact Jenny at or 321-345-8971 to make those arrangements.

The next local training courses will be…

Connection Practice Foundations Course – Part 1
This course includes the research behind the basic skill set that makes up the Connection Practice (feelings and needs, Quick Coherence Technique) and demonstrations of each as well as interactive practice in small groups! This course is highly recommended for parents or teachers who want to be able to teach their kids better strategies for interacting with others in a non-violent way, as well as adults in general who want to strengthen their own tools for dealing with challenging interactions.

When: Saturday, July 11 from 9am to 6pm

Where: Unity of Melbourne, 2401 N. Harbor City Blvd., Melbourne, Florida, 32935

Cost: $100 per person. This is a great value for a whole day of interactive training… and educators can get significant discounts, contact us to see how we can make this work for you!! It is a big part of our mission to get these techniques introduced into the local schools to help reduce bullying and improve our children’s confidence and test scores.

*Note: This course offering is for Part 1 of the Foundations Course. Part 2 will likely be scheduled in October, so check back for updates.
Space is limited! To Register, contact Jenny at or 321-345-8971