Connection Practice


Jenny is also certified to train and coach clients and businesses in using the Connection Practice, which is a skill set that unites your empathy and insight for accelerated personal and professional growth. Increased empathy is achieved by getting more aware of and in touch with the feelings and needs behind an issue (both your own and those of others involved). That helps take the emotional charge off of the situation so you can think more clearly. Insights are received by achieving heart-brain coherence (defined as the alignment of your heart, mind and emotions with a feeling of appreciation) in order to make better decisions so that we can respond to situations in a more peaceful, productive way.

One aspect of the Connection Practice is called Quick Coherence, which can be used nearly anywhere in nearly any situation to help face intense situations with a level head. Once you have been trained and practiced it, it can be achieved in about a minute!

Another aspect involves working with a partner or facilitator as an independent perspective as you work out the best decision or response to deal with situations in your life.

Yet another aspect can be used for peaceful conflict resolution between individuals, families or groups. If both sides of a conflict are willing, this can be a beautiful way to resolve conflicts and return to healthy relationships in your professional or personal life (adult to adult, parent to child, child to child).

Here’s a video explaining how these techniques have been successfully implemented in an elementary school in Texas.

These techniques have been particularly successful with helping school children improve test scores as well as behavior. The video at this link explains how it’s been used successfully in an elementary school in Texas. Note: That video was recorded just before they renamed it from BePeace to Connection Practice, but it’s the same skill set, just a name change to be more widely accepted to various segments of the general population. It’s also been used successfully with international leaders at the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica.

For more information on how this can be helpful in businesses and other testimonials, check out the CP Testimonials page on this website.

The Connection Practice techniques incorporate findings from the Institute of Heart Math and Center for Nonviolent Communication.  Each of those organizations have a rich amount of research on the power of the heart and peaceful communication using a variety of refined techniques. For more details on the Connection Practice (also called Be Peace), you can check out

The video below explains more of the science behind the coherence part of this equation, mentioned above…

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Here’s a longer intro to explain what the Connection Practice is all about. Jenny is available to present this material to your group along with a demonstration of how powerful the Feelings and Needs cards activity is to help deal with a situation that still has someone frustrated or upset.