Connection Practice Testimonials


I’ve included some links to video testimonials of how the Connection Practice has made a difference in businesses and schools. Below that are snippets of what some local folks (in Brevard County) have said about their experience with Connection Practice Training and/or one-on-one coaching…

This video explains how the Connection Practice can be successfully applied in a business setting…

from Shari Dyer on Vimeo.

This video explains how the Connection Practice can be successfully applied in a school setting (note: The Connection Practice was originally referred to as ‘Be Peace’ at the time it was rolled out to this school)…

Here’s some additional video of people who have experienced and continue to use Connection Practice in their daily lives…

Local feedback…

“I learned a lot and will be using the connection practice in my own day to day life. I am very interested in learning more and am excited about the future of this program in businesses and schools!”
January 2015

“Very insightful! The course touched on a lot of emotions and feelings. It helped show me that there are two sides (or more) to every situation.”
January 2015

“This class was so helpful to me… it started to bring the shyness out of me and helped me to open up to share what I’m feeling inside. Thank you kindly!”
August 2014

“The course, for me, was inspirational and all information was valuable. The course content was presented in a practical way and the instructor’s delivery of material made participation in discussions / feedback flow.”
August 2014

“Jenny made the class soooo personal and interactive. She allowed open communication to clarify all of the concepts. Super teaching style!”
August 2014