If you want to have better health, more success or happiness in your life, and you just can’t seem to get yourself there, no matter what you’ve tried… you’ve come to the right place!

EPIC Renewal is focused on helping people understand and tap into the incredible power of their subconscious using natural, holistic techniques to help bring about positive changes that they haven’t been able to achieve on their own, which helps renew the External Peace in their world as well as their own Internal Calm (EPIC).  Educating and facilitating adults and children with tapping in to their own inner power is our mission.

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We’re Excited to now offer the following Hypno Huddles (group experiences) on Zoom:

We have pioneered and evolved the concepts of Hypno-coaching (one on one) and Hypno Huddles (group events), which incorporate the transformative resources provided by hypnotherapy techniques and a variety of additional tools in a way that is focused on empowering our clients to achieve some of the most powerful and profound changes and improvements in their lives and we can’t wait to help YOU do the same!

Educating people about the natural options for maintaining and improving their health, happiness and motivation is a big part of the EPIC vision. Contact us today, if you would like us to facilitate a seminar or Hypno Huddle (in person or via video conferencing) for your organization or to see how we can start helping you now!