Jenny has had some amazing results with her hypnotherapy clients. The combination of her willingness to really take the time to understand what’s going on for you and the extensive training she received in a variety of techniques and protocols really make her unique in her field. Click here for more information on the types of techniques and protocols Jenny uses or go straight to booking a session with her by clicking here.


Hypno-Coaching incorporates hypnotherapy concepts and other techniques to help you overcome any obstacles to your transformation that may be anchored in your subconscious and give you the tools to use the power of your subconscious to your advantage in reaching your goals quicker and easier.

Hypno Huddles

Hypno Huddles are an opportunity to benefit from a group environment and apply hypno-coaching concepts to kick start your transformation and give people with similar goals a quicker, easier path to success.  Hypno Huddles can be customized to your team’s common goal or overcoming a common hurdle.  They can be done in person or virtually (via Zoom) from basically anywhere with a good internet connection.  This can truly be the best bang for your buck!  Additional Hypno-Coaching follow ups can also be helpful to maintain good progress on reaching your goals.

Essential Oil Seminars

Click here to learn more about the essential oils Jenny recommends. She enjoys teaching people who are new to oils the basics of how they can be used and also has some custom presentations on Natural Weight Management, Stress Management and Pain Management that incorporate use of the oils.

Check the Calendar for upcoming event and training details, events will be added to the Calendar as they are scheduled… or if you would like to schedule a special event for your organization, contact Jenny at or 321-345-8971 to make those arrangements.