Recommended Reading


Here’s some recommended reading and products to help further understand how much power we have to improve our lives… NATURALLY!

This book was a big part of what ignited my passion to pursue hypnotherapy and related techniques to help people work through emotional baggage and blockages we may not even realize we are carrying so our bodies can get back to keeping us healthy and reaching our full potential. In this book, the author explains how she cured her own cancer by working through her emotional baggage. I use her techniques with clients on a regular basis.

I truly enjoyed this book and the research put in by an MD to show that there is more to healing than what MD’s are trained in. She investigates the placebo effect, the nocebo effect and talks about the role belief plays in the odds of someone overcoming an illness or just getting sicker.

This is a great book, especially for left-brained folks or those who are looking for more ‘proof’ of the universal laws like the Law of Attraction to help experience the laws with specific experiments you can do. Understanding this can also help you understand why getting your thoughts and beliefs straightened out can make a huge impact on your behavior and the outcomes in your life!

This is an amazing book describing the accounts of several hypnotherapy clients reporting on what things are like in the spirit world, or life between lives. If you are interested in that topic you really should read this book!! There’s also a companion book called Destiny of Souls. Check them both out!

This book has some amazingly simple techniques that can be used to help kids (and adults) focus to get better insights/answers and to improve understanding in relationships with themselves and others. I use these techniques with clients, especially kids.

This is one in a whole series of books that can help you figure out how to understand and better get along with others based on what they need / expect to feel loved. There are books in this series specifically focused on kids, teens, men, singles, military, etc. See if one of them strikes a chord with you!

This book is an easy read and great to remind yourself of simple principals that make life easier

This is the newest book released by the Institute of HeartMath.

This is a wonderful, thorough journal that can help support your weight loss journey!

Check out this book with stories from multiple authors (including Jenny, the owner of EPIC Renewal Concepts) about their journeys to public speaking as part of delivering the message they are passionate about.