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As the founder of EPIC Renewal, LLC, and someone who has long been studying various ways to tap into human potential to be more efficient, safe, healthy, and natural as possible, respecting ourselves, each other, and the environment we live in to resolve health issues and live a happy life, Jenny enjoys sharing the information that caused her to take a big leap of faith. She’s passionate about educating people about how powerful our minds are to overcome all kinds of challenges as well as other natural approaches to regaining the health and happiness we desire.

Check out her speaker one sheet at the link below to see how she can contribute to your organization at the next meeting or even set up a custom workshop with Jenny for your employees or group members. When you are ready to book her or have questions, please contact her directly (texting 321-345-8971 is the best way to get the quickest response). We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Jenny Battig speaker one sheet