Hypno Huddles


Let’s Huddle up, team!!

Huddles bring sports teams together to get ready to go out and do their best to become champions! Hypno Huddles give you an opportunity to be part of a team that is working towards the same goals and dreams. There is power in numbers, and when we’re all tapping into the power of our subconscious minds, AMAZING things can happen! What a great way to catapult yourself into a new set of habits and behaviors that will ultimately allow you to achieve your goals!

There are scheduled general Hypno Huddles established to focus on some common issues that people struggle with, or if you have your own group/team or organization that you would like to have come together to overcome their challenges and get a huge leg up on reaching the team goals, we can create a custom Hypno Huddle to address your specific team needs!

Hypno huddles are typically about an hour and a half long and include some education about how the subconscious works and how to tap into its potential, audience interaction, and a brief hypnotic experience to plant the seeds of change in the subconscious. Attendees will also receive a link to the recording of that hypnotic experience so they can continue to listen and reenforce the hypnotic programming on a daily basis for as long as they need to. Hypno Huddles can be in person or virtual, via Zoom.