Hypno Huddle(TM) to Stop Smoking



1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


Unity of Melbourne
2401 N Harbor City Blvd, Melbourne, FL, 32935

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Ready to make 2023 the year you finally become completely SMOKE FREE??!!!!  Join Jenny as she guides you through a journey to understand how the power to change this addictive behavior can be unlocked from within you!  Turn the tide on your subconscious and have it start working for you as a NON-SMOKER!  Attendees will be taken through a group hypnosis session as part of this event and will receive a link to a recording of that hypnotic programming to listen to as long as needed after the event.  The cost is only $50 per person.  Think about how quickly you’ll make that money back by what you save in NOT buying cigarettes like you have been!

Jenny has helped hundreds of clients become smoke free over the years, and while it often helps to go through a session or two of individual private sessions to ensure the behavior change is permanent and doesn’t turn into a different addiction, what you’ll experience in this group is definitely a big first step, and simply by attending you’ll be eligible for discounts on those private sessions, if needed.

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