2016 Holiday Message



Hello and Happy Holidays!
I hope 2016 has treated you well and you are ready for all the great things that will happen in 2017! This is my environmentally friendly way of sending holiday greetings each year now, so I hope you can appreciate that and understand why I’m not sending paper cards on a regular basis anymore. 🙂

I believe it’s helpful for each of us to take time as this year comes to a close to focus on all the things we have to be grateful for as well as focusing some time and intention on what we look forward to achieving in the next year. For me, although there have been some challenges in 2016 (for example, putting a 3rd dog down in less than 4 years, which left me dogless for the first time in 20 years; the stress of the whole presidential campaign and election; the threat of Hurricane Matthew changing life as we know it in Brevard County; having my aunt pass away; my dad having some heart-related issues come up unexpectedly; and needing to find a new office for my business…), some of the things I’m most grateful for are:
– Hurricane Matthew shifted off the coast just enough (and in the last hour) that it did very little damage to my area, I believe I only lost a couple shingles off my roof! …and thankfully my brother’s family lives in a beautiful home just north of Tampa, so I was able to safely evacuate there and visit with my nephew for a few days. 🙂
– getting to enjoy all the amazing music from Pentatonix, including their 2 new albums released this year and seeing them live in concert (for the 2nd time)
– in volleyball: my adult coed volleyball team going undefeated in the season and post season tourney to win (coming from behind in the finals); and getting back into coaching again, being able to share my knowledge and love of the sport with high school aged girls who also love the sport!
– being an active part of the Board of Trustees at my Unity church that helped pull off a wonderful Grand Opening celebration and seeing our attendance grow significantly; also, having the opportunity to do more singing… in our church choir as well as a vocal performance workshop concert in the spring where I sang 2 songs all by myself in front of an audience of probably around 50 people.
– getting a new (much younger) dog from my long-time friend, the dog’s name is Murphy, he’s about 2 and a half… mostly well behaved considering he’s still got a good amount of puppy energy and curiosity in him
– growing my business, slowly but surely, and having opportunities for learning and expanding my horizons and abilities to help others, including becoming attuned as a Reiki II practitioner and trained as an Advanced Heart Math Practitioner… sticking with the central theme of tapping into the natural abilities of the body and energies to heal all kinds of issues!
– my health and the health of my friends and family
– the connections and friends I have and continue to make along life’s path

In 2017 I look forward to:
– improving my physical fitness (getting back down to where I was before the stress of my big career change, etc., started undoing the work I’d done with my personal trainer) and fiscal health (so in addition to the business paying for itself I’ll be earning a respectable salary)
– business goals: moving into the right home for my business/work so that I can reach more people more effectively; also honing in on one or more signature talks so I can do more speaking engagements to help educate people on the power they already have access to in order to make positive changes in their lives; in addition to speaking engagements, I’m planning to increase my Skype (internet video call) clients so I can serve people in a much larger area than just what can make it to see me personally
– having a wonderful, supportive, authentic relationship with an amazing man who shares similar spiritual views, health views, sense of humor, and other interests with me. (hasn’t happened yet, but I’m ready for it in 2017)
– a successful season coaching my volleyball club team and continued success playing in the adult coed leagues… maybe even a sand doubles tourney or two!
– my house and car keeping Murphy and I safe… and hopefully starting to grow my own veggies in the backyard
– continuing valuable connections to friends, colleagues, and clients that nurture and benefit all involved

While there are things that I know might happen in 2017 that would cause me concern, I’m focusing on what I can control and what I WANT to see happen. So I hope this encourages you to focus on those things to be grateful for and the positive things you want to see in your future.

With Peace, Love and Gratitude through the holidays and the coming year,

Jenny Battig