Essential Oils Info


If you haven’t yet experienced the amazing power of the high quality essential oils, you really should give them a try and learn more! There is an abundance of information you can access via the Recommended Link ‘Essential Oils’ on the left side of this page. You can choose to enroll and/or order from there, or you can attend or dial in to a live informational session and ask any specific questions you have about how the oils could be helpful for you. For the schedule of those classes check out the calendar of events.

If you are concerned that this essential oil company is just another pyramid scheme, this cute cartoon may help put it into perspective for you. The quality and effectiveness of these oils is the key to their success. Multi-level marketing is just the way many natural product companies have decided they want to establish relationships and community to support and help people learn ways to use them (instead of spending money on commercials, celebrity endorsements, etc.). I wasn’t a fan of the multi-level marketing approach in the beginning, but now realize that it is truly the best way to spread the word about natural, healthy options as more of a grass roots educational approach that would meet with heavy resistance from big pharmaceutical companies who don’t want to let go of their grip of the masses in terms of believing they need more medication to feel better. This is how we can all begin to educate ourselves without big business bias and help truly reform our health and our healthcare system!

Here are some recommended products to use with the essential oils:

This book is like the bible of essential oils. It’s packed full of information on which oils are best to use to address what issues.

These glass bottles are great for keeping water with you throughout the day to make it easier to drink enough, and they are safe to use essential oils in (as long as the oils are safe to take internally).

These 10 ml roller bottles are great for mixing your own custom oil blends or diluting or for easier application. They are often sold in bulk but can be found in smaller quantities or in different colors or sizes.

This is one of the diffusers I recommend to use with the oils. It runs for 3-4 hours when filled to the line with water. It cycles through various colors of lights and has a low and a high setting.